Excellence in Aerial Application
Since 1959

Justin D. Hoffman

Justin owns and manages Air Enterprises. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management/Flight Operations. As well as, the full gamut of flight ratings. Justin has a strong stature and personality. He's driven by perfection, challenge, and competitiveness. He's very goal oriented and actively pursues the quest for knowledge. 

Roger Kruser

 Roger joined Air Enterprises' team in 1986. In addition to being a commercially rated pilot,   he holds several Flight instructor ratings. Roger holds a FAA Inspection Authorization for   aircraft maintenance. He started his Career in the Air Force. He has held many position   including a long run with Evergreen Airlines. When not at the controls of an AgCat, Roger   teaches aviation at Delaware State University.  

Robert Waring

 Robert Waring joined Air Enterprises' team in 2016. After serving our country for 28 years   as a U.S. Army Officer, we are extremely proud to have him as part of our Ag Aviation   Family.

 Rob is an accomplished individual and Pilot. He is a Graduate of Flying Tigers Aviation   School, where he studied the science of Ag Aviation. As well, he holds a Master's degree   from US Army War College, a Master's degree from George Mason University, and   Bachelor's degree form Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

 In addition to his professionalism, Rob is a devoted Father and Husband. After 27 years of   Marriage, his family has grown to include four children.

 Rob's ethics, integrity, professionalism, and personal values make him a wonderful addition   to our team.