Alfred Johnson, Jr. founded Air Enterprises.​ His family moved to Delaware in 1952, but Johnson eventually gave up farming and started doing agricultural flying in 1958. He started  his company the following year. With a small loan and a WWII surplus airplane retrofitted for crop spraying. He then extended his interests nationally, becoming president of the Northeast Aerial Applicators Association in 1968 and president of the national body in 1974. 

In2008, he was honored by the DAHF for his pioneering work in crop spraying, a procedure that replaced crop dusting as the primary means of fighting insects and agricultural diseases. His work was such that he also was recognized in 2004 with a Career Distinguished Service Award from the Vegetable Growers Association of Delaware.
Excellence in Aerial Application
Since 1959

Justin D. Hoffman joined Air Enterprises' team in 2004. Al Johnson personally trained him in Aerial Application. 

Justin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management/Flight Operations. As well as, the full gamut of flight ratings. Justin has a strong stature and personality. He's driven by perfection, challange, and competitiveness. He's very goal oriented and actively persues the quest for knowledge.

Entering into a purchase agreement with Al Johnson, Justin has taken over the business. He continues to serve the customers of Air Enterprises and the Ag Community.

Roger Kruser joined Air Enterprises' team in 1986. Al Johnson personally trained him in Aerial Application.

In addition to be a rated pilot, Roger holds a FAA Inspection Authorization for aircraft maintenance. Roger started his Career in the Air Force. He has held many position including a long run with Evergreen Airlines. Currently, he owns and operates Chandelle Airport in Dover and Is a Full - Time member of the Air Enterprises' team.

Robert Waring joined Air Enterprises' team in 2016. After serving our country for 28 years as a U.S. Army Officer, we are extremely proud to have him as part of our Ag Aviation Family.

Rob is an accomplished individual and Pilot. He is a Graduate of Flying Tigers Aviation School, where he studied the science of Ag Aviation. As well, he holds a Master's degree from US Army War College, a Master's degree from George Mason University, and Bachelor's degree form Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

In addition to his professionalism, Rob is a devoted Father and Husband. After 27 years of Marriage, his family has grown to include four children.

Rob's ethics, integrity, professionalism, and personal values make him a wonderful addition to our team.